About Us

Leaders in controlled environments.


We are a recognised leader in design, construction, project management and maintenance of all controlled environments.

All Global Cleanrooms designs and products are compliant with international standards ISO/FDA.

Our experienced staff will effectively engineer your facility to meet the highest standards of performance and operation.

Global Cleanrooms Turn-Key model comprises:

  1. )Design and engineering
  2. )Procurement and manufacturing
  3. ) Project execution
  4. )Testing and commissioning
  5. )Validation

Global Cleanrooms has extensive industry expertise and experience allowing us to carry out and complete projects of any size. From design and engineering to validation, we ensure your project will be cost effective and time efficient.

Whether your adding on, maintaining, modifying an existing facility or constructing a new project, Global Cleanrooms can offer you a solution.


Adding, maintaining, modifying or constructing something new?

Whatever your need is, Global Cleanrooms can offer you a solution.

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