Global Cleanrooms double wall system

◾ Hollow wall system with individually removable wall panels on both sides
◾ Unique clamping system with airtight and flush finish
◾ Standard in 100 mm or 60 mm thickness but available in all thicknesses
◾ Very flexible wall system
◾ Surface in painted steel or stainless steel with 12 mm gypsum vinyl backing
◾ Hollow wall system, pipes and ducts to eliminate in the wall
◾ Recesses to apply everywhere with application finish inside wall system


Tulip Sandwich wall system, tongue and groove

▪ Sandwich panels of 60 mm thickness and variable height/width dimensions
▪ Surface painted steel with Rockwool filling
▪ Tongue and groove joint, flush on both sides

Flexible recesses and preformed power lines


Covering wall

▪ Single-glazed wall system to finish ‘dirty’ walls as cleanroom wall
▪ Suitable for obstacles (columns/pillars /channels etc.) or to build in machines
▪ Surface of painted steel or stainless steel with 12 mm gypsum vinyl backing


Low suction wall system

▪ Fully integrated air extraction in GCR wall system
▪ Surface painted steel or stainless steel and finished inside with lacquered steel
▪ Connection to air handling system with air return hood above ceiling

Various applications serving purity extraction and cleaning procedure


Fire rated walls

▪ 30 min. fire rated (BW): standard for all GCR walls
▪ Over 30 min. fire rated: special walls with different thicknesses (100/150/200mm) depending on requirement
▪ Surface in steel or stainless steel with filling of Rockwool or PIR

Fire walls are flush built into GCR wall system



▪ Window with double or single glass flush in wall in all sizes and types of glass
▪ Double window frame for completion between outside window and cleanroom
▪ Safety and flight windows as emergency provision in wall system
▪ Blinding windows with UV filter

Blinding windows with built-in electric blinds